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There is no question that Orlando is one of the hottest tourist destinations. However, a common mistake is to believe that everyone comes for the Disney Resorts and Disney World. There is more to Orlando than Disney Resorts.

There is an Orlando city that full of great attractions and there are kinds of terrific resorts. You should check out the private rental units which are very affordable and you aren’t crammed into a motel room. This is like having your very own home while on vacation. Do some research online and you’ll find plenty of options. And since you are there for more than Disney attractions, you’ll be out of the Disney rat race.

While you are in Orlando if you arrive at the right time be sure to take in the Kissimmee Rodeo for something a little different than you might have seen before. You’ll feel like you are in the wild wild west. Search for Disney resorts in the area.

Blue Spring State Park is between Daytona Beach and Orland and there is no better place to relax and enjoy all the natural wonders in the area. There are plenty of Disney resorts in the area.

Have you ever participated in one of those mystery dinners? If not it’s really worth your time. It’s fascinating time and there’s a full house each and every time.

Have your kids ever been to a farm? Have they had contact with farm animal? The Green Meadows Farm is a great place for them to interact with the animals and learn a little more about farm life. They’ll love it! Consider staying in Disney resorts in the areas.

Do you love it on the water? Did you know there are pirates in Orlando? Enjoy a pirate’s dinner adventure on the open seas. It’s fun for the entire family. Or if pirates aren’t for you then why not a romantic cruise on a riverboat?

As far as places to stay, there are many options that do not involve a Disney resort. Why not have a look online to see what is available and then find something in your size and you can check for rates online.

Orlando has been a tourist attraction for a very long time. But since Disney Worlds arrival, it seems that many of the other attractions have been forgotten about. It’s time to remember just how many great things there are to do in the area.

You should consider one of the many Orlando Disney Resorts that inclusive. Take the Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld. This is a prime location that’s considered the enchanted playground of America because it’s imaginative, stylish, and just plain fun. And it has all the amenities you will ever need.

Be sure to check all of the Disney Resorts on the market to find that ultimate experience.

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